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The BioPortal Company List

BioPortal companies provide directory information for searching companies. BioCompany.Net provides a search form on the top left corner. BioCompany.Net is a top level directory for biotech, medical, and bioscience industry. 
ArgosBiotech in Germany. About Argos Biotech in Germany
Alphastellar - a Life Sciences and Healthcare Software Company in India Pharma news
GeneSpace custom gene synthesis and optimization services.
Biolaboratorio: Directory of laboratory companies addressed to bioresearch and clinical laboratory professionals of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
RASA India

  Abgent, specializing in antibodies, peptide synthesis, and protein expression.
RASA ,bioinformatics & chemoinformatics services
Aldrich Aldrich Chemicals (Sigma-Aldrich)
Ambion Ambion RNA Company

Amersham / Pharmacia Biotechnology


Antibodies-Online Comparison, Database, Marketplace for Antibodies

Beckman Coulter Beckman Coulter Products
Beckton Dickenson Beckton Dickenson (including Difco products)
Bel-Art Bel-Art Scienceware
Bellco Bellco Glass Company
BioData BioData Laboratory Management
Bio-Rad Bio-Rad Molecular Biology Products
Calbiochem Calbiochem Chemical Products
Clontech Clontech Molecular Biology Products
Du Pont Du Pont Corporation
Fisher Scientific Fisher Scientific
Fluka Fluka Fine Chemicals (Sigma-Aldrich)
FMC FMC Bioproducts
Great Vista Great Vista Chemicals
GloboZymes GloboZymes
ICN ICN Biochemicals
Idaho Idaho Technologies
Invitrogen Invitrogen
J.T. Baker J.T. Baker
Kendro Kendro Laboratory Products (including Heraeus and Sorvall)
Keystone Keystone Scientific, Inc.
Kimble/Kontes Kimble/Kontes Glassware
Life Technologies Life Technologies (Gibco / BRL)
Mallinckrodt Mallinckodt Fine Chemicals
Matheson Matheson Tri-Gas Company
Millipore Millipore Filtration Products
NEB New England Biolabs
PGC PGC Scientifics
Phenix Phenix Research Products
Pierce Pierce Chemicals
Promega Promega Molecular Biology Products
Qiagen Qiagen DNA Purification Products
Rainin Rainin Instruments
Research Organics Research Organics
Roche Roche (Boehringer Mannhein)
Schleicher & Schuell Schleicher & Schuell
Sarstedt Sarstedt
Sigma Sigma Chemical Company
Spectronic Spectronic Instruments
Stratagene Stratagene
Thermo-Forma Thermo-Forma (Forma Scientific)
Thomas Thomas Scientific
Turner Biosystems Turner Biosystems
VWR VWR Scientific Products
Whatman Whatman
MP Biomedicals
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